How to get featured on Google Search - Featured snippets

How to get featured on Google Search - Featured snippets


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One of the major advancements in search engine world is the ability to provide straight forward answer to the user queries instead of giving a list of links in the search results.

Take a look at this example.

Tipseason Google featured snippet

If you are wondering what these are, they are called featured snippets developed by Google search. Biggest advantage of these snippets are that they can get you rank 1 on top of other search results.

When writing tech blogs its very important to do proper research on what specific keywords you are targeting in order to get ranked on top of Google. There are wide variety of techniques each websites use for their search engine strategy. SEO is what you might be hearing all the time. Featured snippets are great way to achieve SEO.

Let's take a quick look.

There are 3 major types of content that gets featured on Google (the list keeps growing as Google refines its algorithms).

1. Lists

Posts containing list of items either in their headings or in the content which will answer specific search query gets picked up by Google for featured snippet.

In the example above, it contains list of 10 top to most loved programming languages. Each item in the list are the headings inside the blog post which are numbered in the form of 1, 2, 3, ..

2. Tables

The other type of content that gets featured on Google are the posts containing tables. Take a look at this example.

Google featured snippet tables

When user types carbon language vs rust in Google search, you can see the table inside the post got featured on the top of the page.

So comparison tables within the post are a great way to get featured.

3. Answer specific queries

When you answer specific query inside the blog post , along with search indexing, Google also picks out these answers and display on top of the page.


Carbon language install featured snippet


So these are the top 3 ways to get featured on google snippets.

  • Note that not all websites get featured on Google. Based on previous research, if the page ranks in the first page of Google for a specific query, it has high chances to get featured. So make sure to do proper search analysis for your queries.
  • Google search indexing is always tricky. SEO (Search engine optimization) is a great way get your tech blogs picked up by Google and rank in the top pages. So try to learn SEO as much as possible when writing your content.

In addition here are some more programming / coding post ideas that you can use to write your next article.

If you find any other ways to get featured on Google, drop your thoughts in the comments.

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