Top 6 Databases of 2022 and what each of them are used for?

Top 6 Databases of 2022 and what each of them are used for?


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Top 6 Databases trending recently (as per stackoverflow developer report) and what each of them are used for?

  1. MySQL , PostgreSQL are the top 2 open source SQL databases used by most tech companies and great for interview preparation. They are mainly relational databases. To compare the syntax you can refer to (

  2. SQLite: Is a light weight database that is embedded into most mobile applications. If you are an Android/IOS developer definitely take a look at it.

  3. MongoDB: Is widely using NoSQL database. Its a cross-platform document-oriented database program.

  4. Microsoft SQL Server: Its a microsoft version of SQL implementation for relational databases. Great for Azure or .Net applications.

  5. Redis: This is a must learn open source, in-memory data store used by millions of developers as a database, cache, streaming engine, and message broker. Great for caching .

PS: For top interview questions:

What DB do you use for devleopment ?

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